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= Private Party Night >> Find out more

= Dogs Allowed Night >> Find out more

= Sensory Slots >> Find out more

Private Christmas Party Nights

Luminate is the perfect place for your Christmas do? Office party with out the embarassing hangover? Looking for something family-friendly and more inclusive for non-drinkers? We have set aside a number of days and timeslots for larger companies to book a private experience. Email [email protected] if you are interested. >> Find out more

Dog Allowed Nights

Due to popular demand we are allowing dog owners to bring their dogs along. Dogs must be kept on a short lead throughout the night. It is ONLY ON THESE NIGHTS that dogs are allowed on the this trail. >> Find out more

Sensory Slots

We will have dedicated time slots on certain dates for our guests with additional sensory needs. Email [email protected] if you are interested. >> Find out more

Current Ticket Prices

Prices are currently frozen at 2023 levels. Book now before they go up! ... and get FREE car parking