What will happen if the weather is bad? Will the trail be cancelled?

Luminate is an outdoor winter event. We are open seven days a week throughout the duration of the trail. We will therefore be open and operational throughout all usual winter weather conditions, which will include inclement weather. We remind all customers to dress appropriately for the weather.

The health and safety of our visitors and staff remains at all times our paramount consideration. Throughout every day of the Event, weather conditions will be continuously monitored by the Luminate team and with our venue partners.

In the unlikely event that weather conditions on site, on any given night, posed a risk to the health and safety of our visitors or staff, that night's trail would be cancelled. Any decision to cancel would be made as early as possible on the day of the trail and by 2pm at the latest.

Any decision to cancel any night of the trail will be made by the Organisers in conjunction with our Venue partners. Any such decision will be final.