Margam Country Park Access

What provision do you make for guests with mobility restrictions?

The trail has been created to be as accessible as possible within the context of the natural site of Margam Country Park and Castle. Please note that the overall site at Luminate Margam covers some steep gradients, so regrettably the trail does involve some unavoidable steep inclines/declines, which unfortunately some guests using wheelchairs/mobility aids may find very difficult. If a member of your party wishes to visit in advance (either in the daytime or on a separate night) to assess this, prior to your scheduled trip, please contact [email protected] and we can happily facilitate this.

All of the route is outside and not under cover. Following the completion of the bottom section of the trail, the trail proceeds up a steep section of the Orangery gardens. If you are familiar with the site, this is up the usual site path which crosses the waterfall bridge and continues straight up towards the Castle Car park. This section is over permanent paths, but they are a softer standing path and may be difficult to traverse during/after inclement weather. After the catering area/fire pits, the trail proceeds down the permanent path in front of the wide Castle steps and towards the blue orangery gates. Stewards are located throughout the trail, should you need assistance at all during your visit please just ask one of our stewards. If you need any further information prior to your visit, please contact us on [email protected].

Whilst care has been taken to remove all known trip hazards, the trail does take place in a country park, so may have stones/leaves/twigs etc, across the path. There will be some sections where cabling crosses the trail, these will be covered by cable ramp covers.

Accessible toilets are situated at the Car-Park and at the Castle Courtyard (approximately 0.7 miles into the trail).

If extreme weather conditions mean that the trail is not fully accessible for people using wheeled mobility aids (bearing in mind the general limitations as set out above), consideration will be made on a case by case basis to allow tickets to be transferred to an alternative date when the ground conditions are more suitable.

Please note that Waterfall Bridge is wide enough to fit a standard wheelchair (and/or standard single pram). If your wheelchair/mobility aid is wider than standard, please contact us so that we can advise further as to suitability.

We want everybody who attends Luminate to have a wonderful experience with us and our stewards on the night will all be happy to assist you wherever possible. If you need any assistance on the night, please just ask. If you have any further questions about access that are not covered by the above, please contact us via email on [email protected].

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Can I bring my mobility scooter or can mobility aids be provided?

You are welcome to bring your own mobility scooter. Unfortunately, we don't have any available to hire.

Do you have accessible toilets?

Accessible toilets are located in the car park (which is close to the start of the trail) and at the Castle courtyard, approximately half of the way around the trail.

A member of my party has some sensory needs, do you run a 'sensory friendly' session?

We will have dedicated time slots on certain dates for our guests with additional sensory needs. These dates will be announced shortly.

NB: These slots are not available through the Booking Calendar.

The trail will remain closed to the general public on those nights for 30 minutes, so your journey can start ahead of our main visitors. We will also reduce the capacity on the trail during that timeslot, so hopefully your experience will feel less crowded and more relaxed. The audio volume of our trail will be reduced during the first hour of this session, again to hopefully enhance your enjoyment of our trail.

We had an overwhelmingly positive response from our visitors who attended last year, including those with sensory needs, but hopefully by introducing a quieter and less crowded session, we can help your experience be even better.

All of our stewards are there to help make your night with us perfect. If you need any additional help on the night, please just ask one of our team. All of our team are trained to recognise the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower symbol if anybody in your party wishes to wear this whilst at Luminate.

Please look at our Access section above for further detailed information about the nature of the paths and access generally. We try not to publish too much detail about our trail in advance, as for most of our visitors, the element of surprise enhances their experience. We do, however, fully understand that for some people with sensory needs, more information about what to expect from Luminate, rather than surprises on the night, will help them to feel prepared for their experience and allow them to enjoy it all the more. We want to make your visit perfect, so if you would like some more detailed information as to the trail layout, what to expect, or if we can help in another way, please email [email protected]

Ticket prices on these nights remain the same as for the rest of Luminate. Carer tickets are available where required, pursuant to our standard carer policy. To book to attend on one of these sessions, please select a date below:

Tuesday 3rd December 2024 @ 16.45pm - CLICK HERE
Tuesday 10th December 2024 @ 16.45pm - CLICK HERE

NB: These slots are not available through the Booking Calendar.

Is Luminate supporting any charities?

In recognition of all the wonderful work they do across the region, supporting thousands of local families, Luminate Wales is proudly partnering with Carers Trust Wales. If you would like to make a donation to the Charity, you can do so when you book your Luminate tickets. 100% of monies donated will go to the Charity. (You are of course under no obligation to do so).

For any further Registered Charity enquiries, please [email protected]

Do you have mobility aids for hire?

Unfortunately, we do not have mobility scooters or wheelchairs available to hire.